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Professor Michael Scott visited the The Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion on 23rd May 2019, to give a paper entitled “Walls and the Ancient Greek Experience”. After the seminar, Jessica Hughes and Michael Scott were joined by Dr Christine Plastow and Dr Emma-Jayne Graham to record an audio discussion about ‘walls and boundaries” in ancient Greece and Italy. The discussion also featured the voice of Professor Kristin Hass, who spoke about a contemporary wall: the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

You can listen to this recording via the Soundcloud link above.

Programme structure and timecodes

0.00 Intro

0.40 Michael Scott on boundaries in Greek sanctuaries, Eleusis and the Mysteries

4.42 Christine Plastow on boundaries and the spaces of Athenian homicide trials

9.57 Emma-Jayne Graham on walls and boundaries in Roman Republican sanctuaries

15.56 Kristin Hass on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

20.38 Studio responses to Kristin Hass

29.02 Michael Scott on the temple of Zeus at Olympia

31.12 Emma-Jayne Graham on the sanctuary of Juno Gabina at Gabii

33.02 Christine Plastow on the Areopagus in Athens

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Additional extract from conversation with Professor Kristin Ann Hass.

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