The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project: Research at Poggio Colla and Albagino

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Prof. Phil Perkins co-directs the Albagino Project with Prof. Gregory Warden (Franklin University Switzerland).

The 2018 fieldwork season investigated the archaeological context of an important group of bronze votive objects found near a dried up lake in the High Apennines at the site of Albagino (Bruscoli, Comune di Firenzuola).

The project website explains that “the discovery and publication of this group of bronzes is important because of their undisputed context that raises immediate questions about the ritual landscape of this small lake at the crest of Apennines, halfway between Florence and Bologna. Where were the figures made? How and why did they find their way to this particular place? What is their cultural meaning? There are countless questions that come to mind about the persons who made and deposited these objects as well as to the various meanings of those depositions, those gifts to the god(s) of the place. The Albagino project, through excavation and multi-disciplinary research, hopes to provide insight into some of these questions.”

See The Mugello Valley Archaeological Project website for more details and the latest project news.

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