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Ursula Rothe is Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies at the Open University. Her research focuses on Roman material culture, especially dress and Roman funerary monuments. She is currently a member of the Roman Society’s Archaeology Committee and is on the board of trustees of the Clayton Trust (a major collection of Roman material objects from northern Britain). Her past roles included managing the DressID EU project and co-editing the Archaeological Textiles Review.

Ursula is the author of a number of publications on Roman dress, including Dress and Cultural Identity in the Rhine-Moselle Region of the Roman Empire (Archaeopress 2009), and the journal articlesDress in the middle Danube provinces: the garments, their origins and their distribution’ (Jahreshefte des Österreichischen Archäologischen Instituts 2012) and ‘The “Third Way”: Treveran women’s dress and the “Gallic Ensemble” (American Journal of Archaeology 2012). She has also written extensively on cultural theory and its application to the Roman provinces. She is currently working on a monograph on the Roman toga and a journal article on Syrian influence in Roman Hungary, looking, among other things, at the worship of Syrian deities.

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