Material Religion - Introductory Resource List

Material Religion: The Journal of Objects Art and Beliefs Since its foundation in 2006, this major international journal ‘seeks to explore how religion happens in material culture - images, devotional and liturgical objects, architecture and sacred space, works of arts and mass-produced artifacts.’ It bridges the world of scholarship and museum practice, and supports all those seeking, at whatever level, to understand and explain the relationships between objects, art and belief.

Material Religions blog This blog publishes Open Access essays and interviews on a wide range of Material Religion topics. It also includes an extensive bibliography and a series of useful links.

Key Terms in Material Religion A volume edited by S. Brent Plate which gives an accessible, critical entry into the theory and vocabulary of Material Religion. Key topics covered include: icon, ritual, magic, gender, race, sacred, spirit, technology, space, belief, body, brain, taste, touch, smell, sound and vision. 

MAVCOR Journal Published by the Yale Centre for the Study of the Material and Visual Cultures of Religion, this born-digital, open access journal is dedicated to promoting conversations about the material and visual aspects of religion.