'Coins lost in puzzling places' - a seminar by Dr Ine Jacobs - Milton Keynes - Thursday 23rd January 2020

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A lunchtime seminar at the Open University by Dr Ine Jacobs from the University of Oxford, Thursday 23rd January 2020.


The talk will begin at 1pm, and a sandwich/buffet lunch will be available from 12.30pm. If you have any special dietary or other requirements, or any questions about the event, please email the organiser Jessica Hughes (jessica.hughes@open.ac.uk).

The seminar will take place in Seminar Room 7 in The Open University Library. Come into the main glass door entrance, and turn left to find the lift and stairs to the second floor. There will be signs posted on the day.

This is a free event but spaces are limited, so please follow the link below to book your place via EventBrite.

Abstract: Late antique and medieval archaeologists in northwest Europe and Scandinavia have seen a surge in studies on everyday ritual practices, among them deposits intentionally placed underneath door openings, walls and floors of residential and communal structures. By contrast, research of similar deposits in Roman, late antique and Byzantine archaeology elsewhere is much rarer. The appearance of perfectly preserved small finds or coins in said locations is not questioned at all, mostly simply ignored and at best explained as accidental loss. This talk will focus mainly on coins discovered in puzzling places. It will give an overview of explanations put forward in the literature, point out the universality of coin deposition - from public buildings and sanctuaries to humble dwellings - and sketch the wider framework in which such practices should be placed.

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